6 Stages of a New Home Build

An exciting but equally daunting milestone that we all hope to achieve one day is building a new home, from the bottom up. It can be terrifying, however, when you begin your research phase, trying to work out how the process will look, how long it will take, and all the other things you need to consider. To save you time and help with planning your new home build, we’ve laid out the 6 stage process to give you a better understanding.

New Home Build Stage 1: Excavation And Foundations

The Foundation is key. Without a sturdy base to hold your home, you’re not in for a good time, so the first thing that needs to be done is earthwork such as clearing, excavating and levelling. During Stage 1 the construction team will also install any underground connecting such as plumbing, electrical and stormwater systems. This gets done prior to pouring the concrete slab, and once the slab is poured, you’re into stage 2. Time: Approximately 1-3 weeks

New Home Build Stage 2: Framework

Now that the floorplan is done, the ‘skeleton’ of the house starts to take shape. This includes marking up and constructing the external and internal walls, windows and door frames, and the roof trusses. One approved by a qualified building inspector, pack your bags because we’re moving onto stage 3. Time: Approximately 3-4 weeks 

New Home Build Stage 3: Siding

Siding, or also known as the ‘locking up’ stage, consists of the external work, which essentially means putting a skin on the skeleton. This includes installing windows, fascia, roofing and gutters, brickwork/wall installation and temporary doors. Plumbing ‘roughing’ is also included in this stage and it entails the installation of services in the wall cavities, before they’re lined with plaster. This is an exciting stage, because your dream abode will finally begin to take some shape. Time: Approximately 4 weeks

New Home Build Stage 4: Internal time

Now that the external elements have been constructed, it’s internal time! Stage 4 looks like plastering, installing internal doors, skirtings and finishing trims. But the most exciting part of this stage is that your dream house will get decked out with stairs, the kitchen, room cabinetry and the wet areas of the house will also be waterproofed. With so many puzzle pieces put together during this stage, it’s a very busy time but you’re another stag closer to moving in! Time: Approximately 2-3 weeks 

New Home Build Stage 5: Final Touches

It’s the final countdown! Stage 5 – the final touches – this entails all of the glitz and glam of your dream home, from painting to design features such as, shelving, tiling, cabinetry, cornices, bench tops, tap ware, mirrors, shower screens, garage door and so on. This final fit-off also includes ducted vacuum, electrical, plumbing, and security elements. No actual appliances will be installed during this stage to avoid theft. Once the inside has been finalised, a quality management inspection must be certified, and then, it’s off to Stage 6! Time: Approximately 2-3 weeks 

New Home Build Stage 6: Inspection

So now, your house is built, your taps are in and you’re getting ready to move in. The final stage is a simple inspection. Your builder will organise a date for what’s called a ‘Practical Completion Inspection (PCI). Basically, this inspection gives you the opportunity to walk through your home, with the builder, and check that everything works and that there are no defects. If the builder and yourself are equally happy, you sign off the PCI document and away you go. However, if defects are found, the builder will need to review and rectify these items and set up a second inspection. 

And that is it! Once you’ve signed off the PCI and finalised the last payment, get out your suitcases and packing boxes because you should be able to move in after 2 weeks!

So, while it may seem like a strenuous journey from a block of land to your final dream home, it’s really only a hop, skip and a jump away, once you break it down into 6 stages. If you have any concerns of queries about building a home, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to chat you through the 6 stages of building a home. 

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