Designing your dream kitchen? Here’s 3 things you should splurge on!

It’s the biggest question on everyone’s mind when designing their dream kitchen – what features should I splurge on and where should I save? As the heart of the home, a kitchen needs to serve many functions. From being a workspace, a school desk, a cocktail station, and a meeting place for the whole family to gather – often a kitchen is not just a kitchen. Whether your ideal kitchen is a central hub for entertaining, or simply a stylish feature point in your home, here’s our take on the kitchen features that are always worth the splurge.

Splurge on storage & cabinetry

Bench space is hot-property in the average kitchen. Between preparing meals and the kids doing their homework at the kitchen counter, the last thing you need is an array of kitchen appliances covering your bench-top. Built-in storage and cabinetry is the answer and the key to keeping your kitchen organised.

Clever kitchen storage starts with well-designed cabinetry. When designing your kitchen, functionality and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Some tips include choosing drawers over cupboards for greater accessibility and considering additional features like soft-closing drawers (priceless if you live in a household of draw-slammers!).

Another design feature you should consider when designing your dream kitchen is a Butler’s Pantry. Perfect for concealing the chaos in your kitchen, a Butler’s Pantry keeps the mess of meal prep and storage neatly tucked away so you can enjoy your kitchen to the fullest. Read our blog on the benefits of investing in a butler’s pantry for your kitchen to find out more.  

Spending a little extra on your storage and cabinetry will be worth its weight in gold when you have your dream kitchen that is not only stylish, but that you love spending time in because it’s free of clutter.

Splurge on benches

Given the multi-purpose function of kitchen counters, it makes sense to leave some money in your home build budget for benches that are practical and elegant in their design.

If you have the space, consider increasing the depth of your kitchen island. The goal is maximum usable bench space, leg room for your kitchen stools and a stylish feature that is the focal point of your kitchen and home.  

Selecting the right material for your bench-tops can also take your kitchen from drab to fab. If you’re looking for a luxe finish, marble bench tops are a classic choice. Bench tops can be a standout feature or tie the design of your whole kitchen together.  

Splurge on appliances

Your dream kitchen deserves your dream appliances. Investing in quality kitchen appliances will also save you money in the long run (nobody wants to be replacing their fridge every few years).

Make sure that you do your research before you buy and really reflect on what you value in your kitchen. Can’t live in a home without two kitchen sinks? Does your family of 5 need an extra-large fridge? Splurge on kitchen appliances that will make your life easier and make your house feel like a home!

Carefully selected appliances can also help you achieve the design style you have chosen for your home. If you have your heart set on a stainless-steel oven, keep things consistent with a stainless-steel fridge. Some appliances can also be a design feature themselves. Whether it be a brightly coloured fridge or a vintage cooktop, investing in appliances you love can showcase your personality and add some flair to your kitchen.

We hope that these tips help you when deciding on what design features to splurge on in your new kitchen.Ready to start designing your dream home? Contact us through our website or call our friendly team on (07) 5496 1477.